World leader in the purchase and sale of recycled materials

Our Business

Our Business

Berga Recycling offers global solutions in recycling.

By purchasing recycled materials from the companies that generate them and by selling them to those who transform them, we are the missing link in the global recycling industry. Thus, we eliminate the scrap of some companies and we supply raw materials to several of our customers.

Today, Berga Recycling employs and service a dozen passionate experts who are committed to developing markets to offer innovative solutions to all its partners.

We have multiple expansion projects and already a foothold in the processing industry. A bright future is on the horizon ...

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Our history

Founded in 2011, Berga Recycling embodies the vision of Gaëtan Dumas.
While working for a recycling company, he was amazed to find that no global solution existed in the field of commercial and industrial recycling. From then on, he began to think about ways to centralize suppliers and facilitate buyers' research. It was with these objectives in mind that he founded Berga Recycling.

His ultimate goal was to build a global network supported by a user-friendly and efficient web platform that brought together all players in the field of recycling, offering them a comprehensive, fast and efficient solution.

To do this, Berga Recycling did not set any geographical borders on its activities and did not exclude any type of recycled products. It developed considerable expertise in the logistics of international trade, involving transformers and producers of recycled materials.

Today, Gaëtan Dumas runs Berga Recycling with the strong determination to meet all the needs of the players in this field.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

To succeed, any business must first be useful. Useful for people, useful to other companies, useful for the environment. Focused on this indispensable quality, our mission is to be THE solution to the international recycling industry. By facilitating processes and realizing transactions never before contemplated, we strive to be an effective and profitable link between buyers and sellers from all over the world.

Innovative and proactive, Berga Recycling aspires to develop international markets in order to offer an ever simpler solution to the often complex situations experienced by producers, sellers, purchasers and processors of recycled materials.

Our work ethic is based on reliability. Through our speed of payment and the efficiency of our processes, we are committed to providing our customers with an exceptional buying or selling experience.

Our vision: to become the international reference for recycling.

Why Choose Us?


Focused first and foremost on the customer experience, Berga Recycling makes the sale and purchase of lots of recycled materials accessible, easy and fast. Online registration is easy and safe.


We have an excellent ability to pay and our credit report is impeccable. By negotiating with Berga Recycling rather than directly with buyers, sellers are assured to be paid promptly. Our reputation of being an honest company with integrity is reflected in the fact that our customers are paid promptly and with simplicity by direct deposit or bank transfer.


We develop international markets according to supply and demand. Our catalog contains an unmatched variety of recycled products and recycling equipment. New products are added constantly. Thanks to our polystyrene recycling program, which includes the installation of recycling equipment in companies, commercial and industrial companies can now recycle and resell the Styrofoam. In addition to quickly realizing their investment, they take advantage of the process and display themselves as better corporate citizens.


Berga Recycling does not just sell and buy recycling materials. We also have a great expertise in international trade logistics that we put to the service of our customers. Our consulting services allow them to access our extensive knowledge of the recycling industry. Finally, our specialized equipment provides concrete solutions for companies wishing to increase their productivity.


Berga Recycling offers a global solution for companies worldwide. In doing so, it allows business opportunities that are often inaccessible to local businesses and ensures them with optimization of their transactions. True ambassadors, our experts simultaneously develop markets in several countries and we have agents in Asia, especially in China and India. Our vast global network allows us to find enthusiastic buyers and motivated sellers.

Become a Premium Partner

Become a Premium Partner

Do you have access to a network of professionals active in the recycling industry?

Discover our unique partnership program and enjoy an exceptional business opportunity!

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